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Hey guys

Just finished a new song!

a short preview of my christmas song, "Snowfall", which will be released later this week.

enjoy :)

reblogging because #favoritesong reasons

reblogging because #favoritesong reasons

That’s no moon… It’s a midsummer station (preview)

So. This morning I woke up, and tumblr greeted me with all these post about the previews for The Midsummer station. I didn’t have a clue where you could even listen to the previews (so I asked a fellow tumblr, who was gracious enough to tell me that they were on iTunes). I listened through all of them.

I just have to say…

I like the overall tone of the new album, but I thought It lacked Adam’s past element of ‘dreaminess’. Then I listened to metropolis. #JawDrops. I think Adam has done a great job on the new album and I look forward to hearing all the tracks. I can definitely see Adam’s love for euro trance in this album. I happen to enjoy euro trance my self (armin van burren), and I will say that the music (except maybe metropolis) does not sound as wide, huge and sweeping as some of the euro trance that Adam says he’s been inspired by. Or Adam’s previous music for that matter. But then again, Adam isn’t one for repeats. I like that Adam does not do the same thing over and over again with difernt lyrics. I really like it.

not sure what’s up with the “Woo Woo Woo” though… :D

I can’t wait to hear the full thing.

Observation #5

Most things tagged as “ketar” have something to do with LIGHTS

observation #4

I spend waaaaay to much time on the computer. 

2 things about the Internet

The #1 thing I despise about the Internet: peoples unrelenting use of foul language (and other general foulness). It seriously frustrates me.

The #1 thing I love about the Internet: It allows me to connect with awesome people that I would never know otherwise (such as one of my best friends, whom I met essentially over Facebook).

My Look for the Evening…

My Look for the Evening…

What I do… For Fun

What I do… For Fun


I feel like smiling a lot right now :)

So apparently, people like songs with stories behind them. here’s the story of this one: Pretty much, I saw a video on Armin van Buuren’s youtube channel about how the track “not giving up on love” was produced. In the video he mentioned this plugin that he liked called fab filter twin. So I googled it. I found fab filter’s website and downloaded the demo. I didn’t instal it and it sat in my downloads for a while. One day I was bored and remembered the plugin I downloaded a while ago. I opened and installed it. I then proceeded to open logic. I tried the presets out and thought they were just ok until I came to the arpeggiated presets. I clicked on a preset called “DoubleGate TEK”. Instant magic. I started messing around with a chord progression & tweaking the patch a bit, and about a week later, there I was with a new song.

Oh look…

I’ve got 5 followers on tumblr now

Ye olde Apple shope

I’m heading out to ye olde apple store today. Totally gonna play on the Mac pro and the retina MacBook pro.

I’m not sure what it is that draws so many people to the apple store. Maybe it’s the iPads. Maybe it’s the iPhones or iPod’s. Maybe it’s the opportunity to use a computer that doesn’t break down once a week.

You know what I think?

When you are in the apple store, there is one thing you will notice. There’s just about as many apple employees as there are customers. The ‘one to one’ factor. And not only that, apple hires people who know what they are doing. I have never spoken to a paid idiot at an apple store. The service is awesome.

Then again, there is the fun factor of messing around on all the latest technology :)